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Agna Sweater


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The Agna Sweater is an ELK classic style which has earned its reputation as a favourite of our team and our customers. This relaxed, boxy fit sweater is crafted from a warm and comfortable alpaca blended yarn and drapes beautifully across the body whilst being delightfully cosy to wear. We suggest trying different ways to wear this sweater - over a simple tank in warmer weather or over a structured, collared shirt or dress in the cooler months.

Light, Lofty Yarn
A-Line Silhouette

40% Nylon, 30% Merino Wool & 30% Alpaca

This knitted blend has temperature regulating qualities, with wool retaining warmth when needed, while remaining cool and breathable on the body. Alpaca creates a fluffy finish for that cosy, comfortable feel. The nylon allows for a strong, durable finish that will keep your knitwear lasting longer. Alpaca is generally farmed using lower impact traditional methods. Their soft hooves reduce the amount of soil erosion caused from alpaca farming, allowing for minimal damage to the land used for farming.

The merino wool in this blend is sourced from Australian sheep, and our alpaca wool is sourced from farms in the Peruvian highlands. Wool and alpaca fibres are natural, renewable and biodegradable.

Approximate bust measurements (measured flat):
XS/S: 76.5 cm
S/M: 79 cm
M/L: 81.5 cm
L/XL: 84 cm

Approximate sleeve length measurement:
XS/S: 32.6 cm
S/M: 33 cm
M/L: 33.4 cm
L/XL: 33.8 cm

Approximate length measurement:
XS/S: 53 cm
S/M: 54 cm
M/L: 55 cm
L/XL: 56 cm