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Experiencing Venice is getting lost its maze of cobbled streets, laneways and canals. Wandering over stone bridges, past old brick buildings with their pastel peeling render and listening the gondolier sing as they wind through the canals serenading their passengers. People watching in the piazza as you sip on your espresso. No cars just your feet and an adventurous sprit.

The Venetian Passport travel clutch with its zippered compartments and pockets is perfect for wandering. Use it to fit passports, boarding passes and all your essentials for the flight, then use it for exploring your destination. And when you find your way back home use it in your everyday travels. Simple, practical and stylish.

H 19cm x W 25cm x D 5cm (7.5" x 9.8" x 2")
Soft full grain cow leather
Weighs 0.64kg (1.4 lb.)
2 x separate zippered pockets
Zippered internal pocket
2 x internal open pocket
Removable, adjustable shoulder strap - 73cm (28.7") to 130cm (51.2")
Metal hardware
Signature coin attached
Fits an iPad mini
All our products are made with the best quality full grain leather. This is a natural product meaning each piece is beautifully unique. No piece will be exactly the same as another and some may have natural markings and character that should not be considered a fault.

*PLEASE NOTE: the logo on the black and blush leather is not gold foil on our current stock. The logo is simply embossed as per the tan.