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Eryka Sweater


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Take a fun riff on an everyday knit with our Eryka Sweater in this cosy, navy denim hue. With side zip detailing and a low turtle neck design, this sweater has been designed for comfort and cosiness - intended to be worn loose over a pair of jeans or with a flowing skirt - making it perfect for everyday dressing.

Low Turtle Neck Design
Side Zip Detail
Loose, Comfortable Fit
Ultra-Soft Knit

80% Lambswool & 20% Nylon

This garment has been crafted from a soft lambswool blend yarn. Lambswool is a fine, soft wool that creates a softer finish than regular wool and is less likely to cause the skin irritation sometimes found with wool. Wool is a natural, renewable fibre.

This sweater is a relaxed, cosy style - designed to be worn loose for comfort. The main fit points are in the bust and arm and we recommend taking your usual size, however if you prefer a neater fit you could choose to go down a size.

Approximate bust measurements (measured flat):
6: 52 cm
8: 54.5 cm
10: 57 cm
12: 59.5 cm
14: 62 cm
16: 64.5 cm
18: 67 cm

Approximate sleeve length measurement:
6: 41.2 cm
8: 41.6 cm
10: 42 cm
12: 42.4 cm
14: 42.8 cm
16: 43.2 cm
18: 43.6 cm

Approximate length measurement:
6: 63 cm
8: 64 cm
10: 65 cm
12: 66 cm
14: 67 cm
16: 68 cm
18: 69 cm